Welcome to TheMalaTheMission. I have been a yoga instructor since October 2013. I was given a mala of rudraksha beads and sandalwood upon completion of my teacher training. In daily sadhana I practice mantra and meditation using the mala given to me by my teachers.
 I am passionate about the teachings of yoga, but I am just as passionate about animals. I had a golden retriever/malamute mix named Molly that lived to be 15 1/2 years old. She left the vessel she inhabited on November 23, 2015. The last few years with her were tough, but they never felt like work. I learned the true value of love and trust through having a senior dog.
 Molly gave me so much unconditional love in this lifetime that I decided to combine my passion for animals and my passion for yoga into TheMalaTheMission. I make hand made malas and donate part of every sale to Foster Dogs NYC Fospice program.
 The picture on the front of my blog is a picture of Molly. It represents the long journey for some of us when we are in search of a forever home.
 I bow to the teacher that dwells within all of us.


The mala gifted to me by my teachers.