Hi my friends! It's been a very, very long time since I have uploaded a blog. Honestly, I never saw The Mala The Mission excelling or exceeding as much as it has. I am on the verge of big manifestations that are coming to fruition. I suppose that's why I felt compelled to share this video blog with you.

Today is Friday, September the 13th. I do consider myself mildly superstitious - being born and raised in Vermont. I am actually surprised how much superstition has survived over the years. Great content for a future blog!

I have always been very sensitive to environmental shifts. With this full moon I have noticed that my energy has felt very depleted. This particular full moon is considered the Harvest Moon, and the next Harvest Moon that falls on Friday the 13th won't be until 2049. The Harvest Moon represents all the things we have cultivated throughout the year and now is our opportunity to reap that harvest.

I had been meaning to write a blog about crystal cleansing for a while but the busyness of creating just doesn't allow me enough time to get everything done. So, welcome vlog and thank you for helping me get things done.

I'm not a gemstone expert. I'm not an Ayurvedic specialist. I work on intuition and the messages that gemstone would like to share with us. There is no right or wrong way to cleanse a crystal. Go by what feels intuitive and best in your own practice.

Happy Harvest Moon. Happy Friday the 13th.

Shannon loves you,