Why does Mercury Retrograde get a bad rap?

I've been pondering this thought as we head into August, my birth month. Leo's are born anywhere from July 23rd to August 22nd. Mercury Retrograde just so happens to be active from July 26, 2018 to August 19, 2018. Although Mercury is in retrograde, the two weeks prior and the two weeks after retrograde are the periods where the shift will be the most intense.

Mercury retrograde means the appearance of Mercury moving backwards through the sky. This is what would be considered maya, or illusion in Vedic text. In yoga, there are many teachings around using one's mind for discernment, perception, and distinguishing between what is real and that which is not. This illusion is neither good or bad. It's simply a technique for discernment.

Mercury is the winged messenger of the gods, noted for his speed and swiftness. An opportunistic planet, it governs our communication, intellect, logic and reasoning, and how we create and express our thought processes. Mercury can provide positive or negative outcome. We are required to utilize quick wit, yet think rationally. It truly reflects the psychology of the person. So, why does this time of passion, communication, and fiery display automatically mean for some that we need to break out the shield and wield away the illusory scary demon? Are we parroting the same old stuff, or can we sit with the power of Mercury to pull things apart and put them back together? Can we remain curious?

Being the optimist that I am, my energy firmly roots itself in Mercury's neighbor, the sun. Mercury Retrograde is a period of radiating warmth, illumination, and reflection on where we place our energy. Every experience we have is an opportunity for growth, knowledge, and learning. Maybe this messenger with an iron core has something uncomfortable to communicate. For an experience to be a period of growth and wisdom, we first must learn to be open and receptive. Instead of wielding away a period of retrograde in the heavens with our talismans and magic, take a step back from the idea that chaos and discomfort are naughty. Although the planets are mighty, they are no more mighty than the strength of all the gods and the entire universe that reside within your own being.

Being a mala artist, I utilized this period of Mercury Retrograde to create my beloved Peacock Mala. The Peacock Mala just so happens to be my August mala reveal! Mercury is best represented by the the color green. If Mercury occupies a harmful or weak position in your horoscope, there is a need to draw upon the color and power of green gemstones. These green gemstones will help improve memory, learning, strengthen the nervous system, and offer protection from envious people. Green gemstones called upon here are my beloved Peridot, Chrome Diopside, and the radiance and clarity of the highest grade gemstones I could find.

  • 8mm AAAA Kyanite for communication and speaking truth.
  • Rare 8mm Peridot for banishing anger and resentment. It sharpens the mind to new levels of awareness, and enables taking responsibility for your own life.
  • 8mm Grade AAA Labradorite awakens clairvoyance and deeper wisdom to those with a pure heart and honest intent. (Hello peridot and the heart radiating its message here.)
  • 8mm Copper Rutilated Quartz is a strong amplifier to the thoughts, and connection to Divine mind. Negative energy gets filtered out. 
  • 8mm Grade AAA Lavender Amethyst bestows hope, love, compassion, and dignity. It helps balance the emotions. 
  • Rare 8mm Chrome Diopside is considered the "dowser of knowledge" and encourages learning. 

The added bonus to this mala is the symbolic nature of the peacock, India's National Bird. Peacocks symbolize grace, pride, and beauty. This species of bird has been able to survive for over 4000 years and has become symbolic of the cycle of time. The peacock provided camouflage for Indra, god of war, rains, and thunder as he waged war. Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity, luck, and beauty is symbolized by the peacock. There are many, many symbolic attributions to the peacock within the rich history of India.

If you have been around while the peacock has made his presence known, may he symbolize expressing our truest self, even if it is loud, obnoxious, and uncomfortable sometimes.

I bow to the teacher within,