The Mala The Mission is looking to partner with animal rescue efforts in the Dominican Republic.

$50 from the sale of every full larimar mala will directly support animal rescue efforts in the Dominican Republic.

I would like to start this post by giving credit where credit is due. Julia, one of my closest friends, is responsible for introducing me to Larimar. This gemstone is truly magical. Thank you Julia!

As an artist, animal activist, and conservationist, I put an immense amount of thought into where my gemstones are coming from. I also put a lot of consideration into the materials I use. The reality is; when using gemstones in my creations, I am literally stripping the planet of her resources. With consideration to the planet and all beings who live here, I utilize The Mala The Mission to give back in as many ways that I can.

My mission has been to include a donation to animal rescue charities with every single purchase made. I've surpassed over $2000 in donations toward animal rescue efforts in under two years. I am extremely proud of this milestone. I intend to grow that amount to $4000 this year.

The Mala The Mission has grown immensely in the last few months. As this growth and expansion has happened, I feel as though it might be time to include more animal rescue organizations in my mission.

As I have been working so much with Larimar, I would like to pay my respects to an animal rescue organization located in the Dominican Republic. As I have incorporated a valuable resource that is mined in the Dominican Republic, I intend to give back to the animal rescue efforts that are happening within the communities where Larimar comes from. I will need your help.

With every full Larimar mala sold through The Mala The Mission, I will include a donation to an animal rescue organization within the Dominican Republic. Do you know of an organization within the United States that assists animal rescue efforts in the Dominican Republic? Do you have friends or family living in the Dominican Republic who knows of an organization that is doing great things for animal rescue in their communities? Have you adopted a companion animal from the Dominican Republic?

Please email Shannon at

Thank you for helping me in my search,