The Mala The Mission Signature Mala, Golden Ratio Design

The Mala The Mission Signature Mala

Genuine Larimar, Kingman Turquoise, and Moonstone Mala 
with a Faceted Larimar Guru Bead and Beaded Tassel.

The moment I met larimar and turquoise, I fell deeply in love. There is something special about the color these stones emit. This is something you simply cannot recreate in a dyed stone. The pictures you see here are unedited. That blue-green is completely natural with both of the stones. For some reason I knew larimar and turquoise wanted to be together.

I feel like I stumbled upon something magical with this combination of gemstones. As I did my research, I believe I found the reason why. Did you know that larimar and turquoise both contain copper? Copper has been used in ancient ayurvedic medicine, well known its anti-pathogenic properties, for thousands of years. 

The unique blue-green quality to both larimar and turquoise resonate deeply with the union of the heart and the throat chakras. It's interesting to explore the symbolic relationship of this union. At the region of the heart chakra and the throat chakra are the arms and the hands. We show our love for one another by hugging or holding. The arms and the hands carry out the work that we do. To me this is symbolic of the importance to carry out our life's work as an expression of our heart. The throat works as a pressure valve where all of the chakras are expressed, through voice, through song, or by speaking our truth. Some of us might gesture with our arms and hands as we speak. It is well known that most of our communication is nonverbal. 

The meeting of copper and the union of this blue-green resonates deeply with action through compassion, and reminding us to act compassionately towards those who might not speak truthfully or act compassionately towards us. There is a union of heaven and earth. A meeting of land and sea. A purification happening on all levels.

Why the moonstone? Moonstone reminds up to stay soft. The flashes of blue lend intuition, insight, and knowledge. By remaining soft, open, and connected, we allow ourselves to remain open to all that is possible.

For me, the work that I do every day is an expression of my heart manifested into physical form. I am a private chef, I teach yoga according to ancient scripture, and I create malas. I love the Vedas, the Upanishads, and the Bhagavad Gita. I love to share in their song and poetry. The Golden Ratio was well-known to Veda Vyasa (author of the Mahabharata, and scribe of the Vedas and the Puranas) and Sages as a mathematical ratio synonymous with the divinity that exists within nature. This mala is a representation of the Golden Ratio; 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21 and pays homage to the magic and mystery that exists all around us. 

Please check my shop page to see if this mala is still available. I consider the combination of moonstone, larimar, and turquoise to be a signature combination of gemstones. This is a One Of A Kind mala. No two of my designs are exactly alike. 

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