Universal Principal and Cosmic Order

The Universal Principle shows up everywhere. This is a message that has been exposing itself to me a lot lately. I have been exploring Dharma not as a "right way of living," but as the principle of cosmic order.

I looked up the definition of Dharma and it's no surprise to me that there isn't a single translation to the word. My mind wants to give it form and shape; to give the word a platform so I can build a world around it. The moment we define anything, we give shape to it. We create a boarder or a boundary, and it becomes very difficult to see beyond that boundary.

We live in a diverse world, yet there is an underlying organic unification that we can't put our finger on. We can't really use reason or logic to understand it. We can't define it, because it is everywhere. Universal Principle or cosmic order is just that. Universal. Cosmic. Limitless. Undefined.

How do we remain independent, diverse, individual, without losing cosmic order?

I remind myself how precious life is, and my place in this life is to honor all of it. None of us operates alone in this world. No man is an island unto himself. We are all limbs of this cosmic order and sometimes it's not going to make sense. There is going to be conflict, hardship, and sadness, but I'm going to hold space for all of it the same way the Universal Principle holds us all.

I live near the forest and spend a lot of time observing my environment. I feed the birds and a wild chipmunk whom I've named Scout. I can hear the birds sing to each other signaling I'm about to hang their feeders for the day. Scout comes when I call for her. I might just be the "treat lady" to them, but they have welcomed me into their world as much I welcome them into mine. Every night a group of deer beds down behind the house. Sometimes we are visited by a fox or a bobcat.

I cherish the relationship I have with the forest. There's a lot of movement out there and your eye becomes trained on those woods. I was working on my computer yesterday while facing behind the house, in the direction of the woods. Something shifted and it caught my eye. I looked up and I was greeted with the gaze of a coyote. It was one of those moments where I felt the power of the entire Universe existed within the space between us, wild and free. The coyote symbolizes a teacher of hidden wisdom with a sense of humor.

I got back to the house late tonight. I was tired, hungry, and I just wanted to hug my cat. My arms were full as I reached for the door. Right where my hand met the doorknob I found a tree frog. I put everything down so I could watch it as it feasted on moths in the floodlight. Frogs represent rebirth, clearing old opinions and adopting a new vision.

I can't say I feel as though I'm lucky. I feel full, just like the frog feasting tonight. I am more than happy to put all my baggage down so I can feel stuffed full of what is right and good in this world and beyond. The forest owns everything I will ever need, and I am grateful.