Commissioned Malas, Wrist Mala and Full Mala Discounts

Hello Friends,

I have been commissioned to make several pieces lately. Below is a picture of my mother wearing her amazonite wrist mala, along with her rose quartz wrist mala.

Here is a photograph of a commissioned piece for a friend's mother. This piece has citrine as the marker bead, surrounded by more citrine, amethyst and rose quartz.

I have recently been commissioned to make a full mala for a woman who has her 79th birthday coming up. She is an avid gardener with severe knee pain. I have been requested to create something healing, that will aid her joints and keep her gardening for years to come. I am currently working on this project, along with a matching mother-daughter set in aquamarine.

When being commissioned to make a piece, I spend a lot of time researching stones, mapping out color schemes, and working directly with the person requesting the piece. They can be made fully out of semiprecious gemstones, semiprecious gemstones and wood, semiprecious gemstones and silver, the possibilities are endless. Full malas are stung on silk cord and hand knotted between each bead. Wrist malas are mostly strung on elastic cord, but can be strung on silk cord as well. 

Every piece I sell, I send along a card that has the healing properties of the stones listed. I chant mantra, and the mantra with its meaning will also be listed on your card. You package will arrive in a jewelry bag for safe keeping. The final cost of your piece will depend on the materials used. 

All malas sold include a donation to rescue programs offered by Foster Dogs, Inc. 

I have several wrist malas and full malas on my etsy site. If you found me through my blog or my Instagram account, I can offer you $5 off any full mala on my etsy page. I am also offering any two wrist malas in my shop for $30. You must contact me before you place your order, so I can apply the discount. 

Thank You for all your support,