Sandalwood, Rosewood, Citrine, Multi Colored Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone Mala 

Represents protection, divine virtue, introspection, reflection and bliss. This mala has a lot of symbolism and meaning due to the use of many colors and materials. I believe all malas worn support the needs of the wearer. The sandalwood will darken over time due to oils in the skin, taking on the properties of the owner. The sandalwood carries a faint but lovely scent. 

The beads used are: 8mm sandalwood, 7mm rainbow moonstone, 7mm multi colored moonstone, 7mm rosewood. There are 108 beads on this mala. 

The guru bead is represented by an 8mm sandalwood bead accented by two 5mm sandalwood beads. The "tassel" is adorned by two 5mm sandalwood beads.  The mala is double strung on durable red silk thread and measures 69.5cm around the inside. 

$5 from the purchase of this mala supports rescue programs offered through Foster Dogs, Inc.